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Copper Shower Pan

A copper shower pan is best to use if there is bathroom remodeling happening at home. The shower pan connects to the drain pipe of the shower. Copper shower pans are rarely in use for showers anymore, although there are a few plumbers out there who like to use them. Most plumbers who like to use copper shower pans have been in the business for awhile and stuck to what they know best. Plumbers can even custom build a copper shower pan for the shower. Copper shower pans were used twenty years ago and should no longer be used unless code calls for them to be used. Mortar beds lay under the shower, and this is where the pre-slope is located. The copper shower pan may not form this system very well.  If you are want Cooking you can visit familycookware.com get more tips.

An alternative to copper shower pans is the rubber membrane system or PVC. These options are less money than the copper shower pan. Some people believe that a copper shower pan is better because it is less likely to leak. A rubber system could tear and spring a leak, which would be a huge problem. PVC can be repaired quite easily if it does happen to leak.

Copper shower pans do not form well to a pre-slope, which is necessary for remodeling a shower. The metal will not form well to the floor. Metal does not stretch, and a stretch is needed for a pre-slope. Copper shower pads have also been known to corrode easily. They do not last as long as PVC or waterproof rubber membrane systems. A copper shower pan usually does not sit high enough for the shower.

A copper shower pan for the shower can be expensive. There is a big market for copper right now, and it leads to greater cost for the consumer. Many people will steal copper if it is out in the open and resell it for money. Do not leave your copper shower pan outside.

If a copper shower pan has already been installed without a pre-slope, it should be removed as soon as possible and put correctly. A pre-slope for a shower pan is a must. Many old-timers think that copper shower pans are the way to go. They are wrong. There are very few benefits to a copper shower pan when compared to other methods. If a bathroom is being remodeled and new equipment is being installed, a PVC or other rubber type system should be used. They will last much longer than a copper shower pan.

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